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How Experimental Cooking Can Fuel Creativity In Business

April 13, 2014 | comments
By Evie Nagy Panos Panay has had a busy few months. In December, he became the founding director of Berklee College of Music's Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, after leaving Sonicbids, the company he founded in his apartment in 2000 and grew into the largest online platform of gig opportunities for independent musicians. In January, he and his wife welcomed twin girls, which he says feels more like triplets along with the new Berklee venture.
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This Much I Know Is True


What Fatherhood Can Teach Entrepreneurs

April 5, 2014 | comments
Click here to read this article on the Huffington Post. I became a successful startup founder before I became a father, but in many ways, I wish it was the other way around. My wife and I recently welcomed our newborn twin daughters, Lydia and Zoë, and I admit that, just like there's no substitute to learning the entrepreneurial ropes than by just diving in, the same can be said about fatherhood. (Though, having done both, I will attest that newborns are much tougher than startup VCs.)
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Morning Espresso


Crowdsourcing Art is A Terrible Idea

February 3, 2014 | comments

Crowds as far as I’m concerned are dumb. Ever witnessed anyone act more intelligently when part of a crowd? Don’t think so.

The Boston Globe reported yesterday that the Museum of Fine Arts will crowdsource its first ever exhibit of impressionist art, I squirmed. I have much respect for Malcolm Rogers, the MFA director, who I consider a true original and pioneer. But this effort is misdirected.
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